Presenting Pearlescent Pigments from Cornelius

Presenting Pearlescent Pigments from Cornelius

Pearlescent pigments are use in a range of markets including packaging, plastics, printed products, decorative coatings and automotive paints. With more formulators looking to use these pigments to produce distinctive, yet subtle colour effects, pearl pigments’ popularity is increasing.

The Cornelius Performance Chemicals team is working with Pritty Pearlescent, who develop and manufacture a range of Pearlescent Pigments.

Pritty is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Pritty products available from Cornelius include; Gold, Silver White, Iron, Synthetic, Interference, Super Sparkle and Diamond

Gold Rush and Gold Luster

Gold is Pritty Pearlescents signature range which displays highly intense and lustrous gold effects. This family of pearlescent effect pigments has been well received globally.

Benefits include:

  • Significantly greater saturated golden colour along with good hiding power
  • Gold Luster has a general Gold Effect while Gold Rush has a 24K Solar Gold effect
  • Gold Rush has a unique remarkable sparkle effect, with an attractive metallic finish and can be manufactured to <15mm
  • The range offers significant value to decorative paints, printing inks and plastics applications
  • As an inorganic mineral, the pigment is non-toxic and FDA compliant, suitable for food and personal care packaging applications.
  • Gold Rush and Gold Luster can be used on its own or mixed with other effect pigments and colourants

Signature products include:

Gold Rush 3112

  • The FINEST Solar Gold colour in the world, PSD <15um
  • Creates a soft gold effect in plastics and has a very light flow line (easy to disperse, low oil absorption)
  • Generates the brightest and most saturated gold colour for PSD 5-25um.
  • Most popular gold colour in printing inks; particles smoothly pass through sieves, no clogging and will not increase ink viscosity.

Gold Rush 3310

  • Best gold for tinting colors. PSD 30-100um
  • Clean and transparent gold colour – does not cover master tone or base color

Gold Rush 305M-1

  • Popular in masterbatch for cosmetic and food package

For more information, on any of the ranges available from Pritty Pearlescent please contact Tony Bruce on 07803 789132.