AXILAT: A setting accelerator

AXILAT: A setting accelerator

Synthomer, an emulsion and speciality polymers manufacturer, has a range of dispersions and redispersible powders, suitable for mortars and flooring.

Cornelius Performance Chemicals represents Synthomer in the construction, coatings and adhesives markets.

The Synthomer portfolio includes AXILAT SA 502, a setting and hardening accelerator.

Axilat SA 502

Axilat SA 502 is a 100% amorphous ‘flash’ alumina with a very high surface area.

It is used in construction applications as:

  • A setting accelerator - with an effect over a large range of temperatures
  • An Anti-shrinkage agent
  • An Efflorescence controller

The powder is solvent free and UV-stable and has increased reactivity is due to its high specific surface (~ 250 m2/g) and surface defects.

Benefits of Axilat SA 502 (when compared to Aluminate cement, CAC)

  • Setting time easily adjustable with a low content of SA 502
  • Allows for a cost reduction of up to 40%
  • No impact on mechanical properties
  • Slight decrease of compressive strength
  • High reduction of shrinkage with a low content of powder
  • Reduces efflorescence at the surface with low dosage
  • Excellent properties at cold and hot temperatures
  • High purity ensures consistent and predictable behaviour

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