Natural Waxes from Strahl & Pitsch

Natural Waxes from Strahl & Pitsch

Strahl & Pitsch is well regarded as the global leader in refined natural waxes.  The company, established in 1904, specializes in the refining and blending of customized wax products including the finest beeswax, carnauba and candelilla waxes, as well as hundreds of specialty waxes.  For applications within the confectionery industry, beeswax and carnauba wax are most often used as coating and glazing agents, providing multiple functions. In addition, candelilla wax, a unique vegetable wax, has historic use as a component in gum base as well as a polishing agent.

Beeswax (E901):

Beeswax is an all-natural and multi-functional ingredient with a medium (60-65C) melt point and moderate tack, making it useful for coating confections to maintain internal and external moisture levels. Beeswax is food grade, according to EFSA as well as the FDA (21CFR184.1973) and is a highly attractive and useful raw material for the confection industry, with applications including:

  • Glazing – In modest quantities, beeswax acts as a glazing agent.  Glazing agents are used to prevent water loss and to prevent finished products like gummies from sticking
  • Release agent – To enable the separation of gummy or mogul products from moulds

Carnauba Wax (E903):

Carnauba wax is an all-natural vegetable derived wax providing high gloss and moisture control. Carnauba wax has a high melt point (83C) and is the hardest of all natural waxes.  Carnauba wax is food grade and authorized EFSA and the FDA (21CFR184.1978) and in its powdered form is widely used in confections directly or in solution for applications including:

  • Coatings – Carnauba wax produces a high gloss finish and is used to coat products such as gummies, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, jelly products and other dragee forms.  This coating imparts a desirable and long-lasting shine and slip, while preventing moisture loss

Candelilla Wax (E902):

Candelilla wax is also food grade and an all-natural, hard and glossy wax with an intermediate (70°C) melt point.  Candelilla has a unique tackiness due to its unusual natural resin component, making it useful in confection coatings. Authorized for coatings by EFSA, it is also acceptable by the FDA (21CFR184.1976) and enjoys applications in candy products including:

  • Glazing Agent – Nearly as hard and glossy as carnauba wax, candelilla produces a glossy finish and is used as a coating in much the same way as carnauba wax
  • Chewing Gum – Candelilla wax was historically used as a binder and masticating agent for natural and synthetic gum bases

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