XOS - A New Generation of Super Prebiotic for Pets

XOS - A New Generation of Super Prebiotic for Pets

A prebiotic is non-digestible food/feed ingredient that beneficially affects the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria in the lower digestive tract of animals and therefore assists in maintaining good health.  

XOS (Xylooligosaccharide) is manufactured by Shandong Longlive from corn cobs. It is a “super” prebiotic because it only needs a low inclusion level of active product to give a positive result compared to other prebiotic products such as FOS and Inulin. It is also stable over a wide range of pH (2.5–8.0), which is an advantage in pet food processing, giving resistance to both acids and heat.

Studies supplementing XOS in dogs suggest beneficial effects on intestinal flora, stool score and faecal quality. There were also positive effects on protein metabolism, immunity and gut health. 

The addition of XOS can be used for the following target markets:

  • Puppies: Limiting the risk of digestive disorders during weaning
  • Adult dogs: Useful in digestive sensitive breeds, therapeutic diets or diets formulated for working and sporting dogs
  • Senior dogs: For immunity and gut health when appetite and digestive capacity decreases

For more information on XOS for animal nutrition, contact Sophie Malyon on +44 (0) 1279 714 300 or sophie.malyon@cornelius.co.uk