Cornelius Presents: Polystyrene 130M, 170M and 171M

Cornelius Presents: Polystyrene 130M, 170M and 171M

Polystyrene 130M, 170M and 171M are general purpose polystyrene grades with a high surface area to volume ratio. These polystyrene microgranulates offer a more consistent, uniform masterbatch, allowing for faster throughput and reduced manufacturing costs, offering the following advantages over typical GPPS: 

Narrow Particle Size Distribution 

Polystyrene 130M, 170M and 171M have a narrow and consistent particle size distribution compared to standard GPPS which is typically broader and less consistent. This allows for more stringent pigment addition levels, allowing for more consistent production. The uniform particle size and shape also improves consistency in powder dispersion. 

No Zinc Stearate; Reduced Yellowing 

Standard GPPS contains zinc stearate which when subject to heat can cause yellowing. Zinc stearate is typically added as a lubricant to help processing. Starting from 0% gives the user control of dosing levels, to better accommodate processing speeds. 

Melt Flow Index 

Polystyrene 130M, 170M and 171M have a higher melt flow index than standard GPPS, allowing for faster throughput in twin screw extruders. 

Less Dust 

Reduced dust allows for more consistent pigment addition levels and can of course make it easier to handle in production.

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