Cornelius Principal BASF Launches Eco-Conscious Ingredients For Care Products Sector


Leading Cornelius principal, BASF, has developed two exciting new products aimed at the eco-conscious consumer, Euperlan® OP White and Cegesoft Peel®.

BASF’s Euperlan® OP White is the ideal drop-in styrene-acrylate free opacifier solution. With its low-viscosity, and creamy, milky-white appearance it is perfect for use in a wide variety of formulations. It is derived from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) mass balance certified palm, meeting increasing consumer demand for more sustainable ingredients in personal care products. 

In addition, Cegesoft Peel® is a spherically shaped wax bead which provides mild exfoliation, offering an alternative to sharp-edged exfoliants, such as silica and cellulose. It is readily biodegradable and preservative-free, responding to market demand for plastic-free alternatives that are soft enough for daily use. 

Michelle Cann, Business Development Manager – Personal Care Division, at Cornelius, said: “The elimination of plastics and microplastics from our natural environment continues to gain media prominence. Products incorporating biodegradable ingredients are therefore predicted to become a major trend.

“BASF’s new launches demonstrate the steps they are taking to create more sustainable formulations, without sacrificing efficacy or user experience, just one of the reasons we’re proud to represent them as a Principal.” 

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