Oral Care

Here’s a reason to smile! We know a lot about healthy and teeth and gums and what goes in to making a great oral care product. Representing a number of leading high quality ingredients manufacturers, the Cornelius Care Products team is backed by an expert marketing department to stay ahead of the latest oral care trends and with a large investment in personal care laboratory facilities in Woodside, Hertfordshire, we are ready to work with you to develop your next generation oral care solution.

Product groups

  • Abrasive and thickening silicas
  • Opacifiers, Pigments and Colouring Agents
  • Fragrances and Extracts
  • Solubilisers and Solvents
  • Surfactants

Feature Story

Zeodent® Dental Silicas from Huber

Zeodent® Dental Silicas from Huber

Huber’s successful history with dental silicas has allowed its technical personnel to achieve a thorough understanding...

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