Trend Alert - Functional drinks are favourite with busy consumers

Trend Alert - Functional drinks are favourite with busy consumers

(Posted on 25/07/17)

We all have the best intention in maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet but are so often thwarted by the business of our lives.

However, there is now a solution to the dilemma of how to address our nutritional needs while juggling the work life balance. One of 2017’s fastest growing trends is functional drinks. It’s forecast that by 2021 the global functional beverage market will reach a value of $105.5 billion (BCC Research) at a CAGR of 8.1%, and it’s easy to see why.

The rise of the functional drink is driven by the idea that hydration is no longer enough for consumers; demand is growing for drinks to also offer a range of additional benefits and to do so in the most convenient way possible.

These products can serve a huge range of requirements – whether it’s helping to ensure you consume three balanced meals a day, boost energy levels, manage weight or supplement nutritional intake, and importantly, they can be consumed on-the-go.

Meal Replacement

The more hectic our lives become, the more we miss out on the nutrition we need. If you don’t have time for breakfast, you can’t just eat a bowl of cereal on the morning commute - but you can drink one…

Breakfast drinks such as Weetabix® On the Go have hit the supermarket shelves running, giving consumers a tasty way to get the energy, protein and fibre they need to start their day in a portable package. Drink it on the bus, dispense with the washing up and get that extra ten minutes in bed.

If liquid cereal isn’t your thing, you can swap your soggy sandwiches for lunch replacements like Cho® Gazpacho, a ‘salad in a bottle’ made from natural ingredients that’s full of vitamins and low in sugar. This represents a growing market appetite for higher-end beverages that offer convenience, nutrition and natural ingredients alongside a more indulgent image, evoking a sense of café culture in a handy format.


With growing awareness of how to promote personal wellbeing, consumers are increasingly turning to supplements to address nutritional gaps in their diet. A common barrier for many, however, is the confusion of knowing which supplements to take, how many to take, and whether there are contra-indications. It’s simple to know which nutritional areas to focus on, but not necessarily straightforward about how to achieve this.

An ideal solution is – once again – the functional drink. More convenient and palatable than taking supplements in tablet or capsule form, fortified beverages are marketed at personal nutritional goals.

Helping the body to break down fat and generate energy, drinks containing L-Carnitine are a convenient way to promote your body’s performance without the need to reach for the blender.

An example includes Lonza’s Carnipure®, a supplement for beverages that is distributed by Cornelius and designed to address health needs from weight management and heart health to male fertility.

Health-focussed functional drinks take the hassle out of managing your vitamins, minerals and nutrients and taste great.


While the market for sugary energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull is still booming, the growth of the health-conscious consumer is rapidly driving demand for natural energy beverages - delivering an increased mental and physical edge without the calories.

Products such as Asiros MitoActive™, a liquid health supplement with bioactive Ribetril™ A are proving popular because they offer an energy kick that’s based on science and nature. Distributed by Cornelius, MitoActive™ contains specific black and redcurrants that deliver mitochondrial boosting, leading to increased energy, performance and recovery.

Other functional drinks such as Mamma Chia’s Chia Energy demonstrate this rapidly growing trend for healthy energy drinks with an indulgent spin. The luxurious branding allows consumers to get the boost they need without compromising on image, while the organic ingredients deliver energy with natural caffeine, fibre and protein.

Delivering personalised nutrition on-the-go, it’s no wonder functional beverages are one of this year’s fastest growing trends.