The future of bread: anything but ordinary

The future of bread: anything but ordinary

(Posted on 28/07/16)

Bread, one of the world’s most loved staples, has over recent years come under scrutiny for its link to consumer health issues. Those wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle, or lose weight, have been known to actively limit intake of the traditional food type. However, the industry is fighting back against the negative image.

The food that was once associated with the poorest in society, and consumed as a way to fill up in cold winters, is nowadays far from basic. There are key innovation trends in the bakery sector and the bread industry is leading the way in new product development.

Fibre, an important part of a healthy balanced diet, can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and some cancers, so it is no surprise that consumers are trying to increase their consumption of the nutrient. The bakery sector is helping meet this trend with new fibre enriching innovations. The industry has seen an increase in popularity of whole meal and seeded breads, due to being seen as the healthy alternative to white bread. This however has led to a decline in white bread popularity; a trend which M&S has acted on by adding fibre to all of their loaves in store, including white bread.

How we can help: Cornelius launched its own-brand healthy and natural vegetable fibres range last year, which include wheat and oat, are available in different grades and can be added to a range of food and drink applications. In addition, Cornelius also distributes 100% rye mix and seed mixes from Fazer Group.

There has been a lot of discussion around bread fortification lately and bakers have found ways to entice the consumer to increase consumption by fortifying flour with added minerals and vitamins.

How we can help: Key Cornelius supplier, Watson Inc, supply a range of various encapsulated vitamins and minerals for bakery including calcium, niacin, iron, thiamin and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Vitamin D fortification has also recently attracted attention, in addition to the potential to add folic acid to products due to the health advantages known for pregnant women.  

Protein is another health and nutrition trend that shows no sign of slowing. Protein fortification in bread could provide the daily protein intake that consumers desire without the need to eat meat or drink a protein shake. What’s more, this trend is also expected to ‘be on the move’ as the consumer demand for ‘portable protein’ continues.

How we can help: Cornelius distribute a large range of proteins including; BiPRO, a Whey Protein from Davisco, Gabiotein a Rice Protein from Jiangxi Golden Agriculture, and new edition Better Germ, a Wheat Germ from New Holland Extraction, and our own-brand Pea Protein.

Some consumers, whether suffering from an allergy or not, are in search of a free-from lifestyle. Increased innovation in gluten free, or allergen friendly, bakery products will open all kinds of opportunities for the sector, as already seen through the success story, Genius Gluten Free.

Reduced salt and sugar are among other health trends within the sector, which are likely to build in coming years.

How we can help: Cornelius supplies leading solutions in salt and sugar reduction technologies; Sub4Salt, a sodium reduction product and Erylite, sugar free, tooth-friendly sweetner from Jungbunzlauer 

Bread is likely to regain some of its former glory, as more new innovations emerge focused on health and nutrition. Bread is increasingly becoming a booming and exciting sector, with advances in portability, snacking and artisan style products guiding the way. Its future is definitely anything but ordinary!