Tan beta and healthier this summer

Tan beta and healthier this summer

(Posted on 22/07/16)

Walk away from the sunbeds and put away the bottle of cooking oil.

We are what we eat and that goes for skin too. The more nutrients and goodness we put into our skin through food and drink, generally the healthier it should become.

Beta-carotene is best known to boost skin’s natural defence against UV by improving its ability to tan. Antioxidant carotene can be found in foods such as carrots, peaches, mangoes, red peppers and sweet potatoes.  Dark leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, also contain large quantities of beta-carotene and are said to be the secret to glowing skin. 

Studies state that regular quantities of these vegetables and fruit can create a natural tan, even when out of the sun. What’s more, they are also full of anti-ageing antioxidants meaning skin can be not only be luminous and tanned but supple and young-looking as well.

Lycopene, known as the skin’s own SPF, is an antioxidant that can be found in foods such as tomatoes.  In fact, it can boost sun protection by 33% helping you tan more safely and avoid those lobster–esque tans as much as possible.

Finally, good news for chocolate lovers, dark chocolate is also a food that is full of flavonoids that can help to protect against sunburn.

Awareness around skin care and sun protection is definitely at the forefront of the consumer’s mind nowadays. However, whilst these foods can help to enhance tanning, sun protection is always advised. 

Cornelius aims to manufacture and distribute sun care products that “protect, moisturise, soothe and nurture skin, in and out of the sun” according Daniel Whitby in a recent article by Cornelius on 2016 suncare trends. 

The article discusses new formulations linked to trends in the suncare market including the use of water phase filters, sun sachets offering single-sized portions, creams aimed at sports enthusiasts with sweat resistant qualities and finally, the use of pearlescent pigments in after sun lotions to enhance appearance of tan.

Once sun kissed skin is safely achieved, why not keep skin looking fabulous with Asiros Mitoactive, liquid health supplement? The nutritional berry shot contains newly discovered polyphenol, Ribetril A. Studies show that Ribetril A can significantly increase microcirculation in the skin and deliver a moisturising effect after just six weeksThe regeneration of skin cells is vital to maintain healthy skin and is dependent on a good blood circulation. 

For more information on the sun care products mentioned, contact siobhan.walker@cornelius.co.uk and laura.rehne@cornelius.co.uk for further information on Asiros Mitoactive.