Taking Valentines Day back to the basics

Taking Valentines Day back to the basics

(Posted on 14/02/17)

Valentine’s day isn’t only about hearts, flowers and cute cuddly toys.

This year we’re taking it back to the basics with health and safety.

There’s been a lot of controversy recently around the link between pubic hair grooming and an increased risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The Telegraph for example revealed that waxing, trimming or shaving pubic hair quadruples the risk of picking up a sexually transmitted infection. In fact, grooming was associated with an 80 per cent heightened risk of having an STI compared with no grooming at all.

The science behind it? Grooming increases the risk of epidermal micro-tears in the skin which can lead to increased bacteria and infection.

Rest assured, we’re not telling you to revert to the ways of the stone age. We have the ideal solution to allow you to resume business as usual.

Cornelius principal Silab, has developed a natural skin repair process mediator derived from Carob seeds. Glyco-Repair, normalizes the synthesis of growth factors that are vital in skin repair. The ingredient is ideal for formulations designed for dry, damaged skin, making it perfect to repair those micro tears caused by extreme hair removal. 

 Why not then add a bit of sparkle to the most romantic day of the year with Hair Colour Gelee pigments and dyes, distributed by Cornelius. We'll leave that one up to your imagination! 

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and remember stay safe ;)

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