Soon to launch! British Brexit Cosmetics Line

Soon to launch! British Brexit Cosmetics Line

(Posted on 01/04/17)

Brexit - a subject that’s creating quite the media storm. So much so that our Care Team has been busy creating a British Brexit cosmetics line to mark the occasion. The line, created with the best of British ingredients, includes a range of new formulations for British products.

The formulation that has attracted the most interest to date is a cream that combats the first signs of Brexit stress expression lines. The wonder cream incorporates a cocktail of British actives that care for the skin. A winning combination of strawberry and delicate rose extracts calms and soothes the skin, while malt vinegar – usually reserved for the British Friday night classic ‘fish & chip supper’ –  exfoliates. Add all of this to British-bred lamb lanolin and the result is a deeply nourishing experience. 

Get in touch with our care experts today for more information on the exciting formulations that feature in our new British Brexit range.