Rio Olympics 2016: A year for women

Rio Olympics 2016: A year for women

(Posted on 16/08/16)

Rio 2016 is about to begin. Friday 5th August marks the start of the much-anticipated 2016 Olympic Games.

One thing we’ve noticed about this year…it’s going to be the year for women.

The amount of people who regularly play sport in England stood at 15.74 million in 2015, a rise of 1.65 million since 2005/06. And, contrary to popular belief, the number of women playing sport and being active is increasing faster than men, according to a survey by Sport England.

Women’s increased interest in sports has been spurred along by campaigns such as Sport England’s “This Girl Can”, which has inspired 2.8 million women to be more active in its first year of launch, from January 2015 to 2016. 

The campaign was first created in response to survey results, which revealed that, compared to men, an astonishing two million fewer 14-40-year-old women in the UK play sport regularly.

This bold campaign shuns the idea that everyone who carries out exercise needs to be fit, highly skilled and look perfect doing it. In fact, it portrays the opposite, with adverts, films, images and posters boasting women of all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness.

This in turn has created a new fun side to exercise and sport and has encouraged women to spend their free time in a different way. 

In addition, Olympic Partner, Always, launched “Like a Girl” campaign with their slogan “keep playing” addressing the fact that despite having great passion for sports, half of young women quit due to gender-related pressures.

These campaigns are amongst a range of initiatives introduced to increase female participation in sport. Tennis Tuesdays, and Park Run are other good examples of successful efforts.

With just 7% of all UK sports media coverage devoted to women in sport, according to Women in Sport Stats Pack, it is crucial that these initiatives and support continue.

After all, sport and physical exercise is known to significantly improve mental health and mood, controls weight and increases chances of living longer. Why should women miss out on that?

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Asiros MitoActive, Liquid Health Supplement containing Ribetril A, is sure to improve energy levels, performance and recovery; a reason why 3 time gold medal rowers, ‘The Golden Four – Danish Olympic rowers’ have incorporated MitoActive into their intense preparation for the Olympics in Rio 2016.

In addition to the ready-to-drink shot, the Danish company Asiros, have also introduced a facial cream, MitoBeauty, to ensure skin feels as energised as the body does.

Correct recovery is essential when exercising and protein is a necessary due to its muscle recovery capabilities. Cornelius supply protein that is ideal for post-activity protein shakes, with the range including Pea, Rice and Hemp proteins.

Lastly, Carnipure, also a recovery aid, reduces the hypoxic effects created during exercise by increasing blood flow which decreases muscle soreness and improves recovery time.

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We’ll be cheering everybody on at the 2016 Olympics and look forward to the female athlete success stories!