Prepare for the Perfect Pampering Session

Prepare for the Perfect Pampering Session

(Posted on 12/02/16)

Valentines Day 2016, whether its that overdue intimate night in with that special someone or the perfect excuse for a pampering night in, this year it’s all about the most luxurious essential oil based pampering products.

Here are a few that we fell in love with recently: 

Lucy Annabella Date Night Organic Bath Milk which incorporates a sensual blend of organic patchouli, ylang ylang, nutmeg, palmarosa and mandarin essential oils, which is sure to create a sensuous aroma in your bath to get you in the mood for your romantic date night.

Did you know? In Indonesia, the flowers of ylang ylang are laid out on the bed of the bride and groom, in an attempt to stimulate passion.

Keep an eye out this year for more and more luxury and sensual products that incorporate ylang ylang oil.

Top tip: Add a drop of ancient oil sandalwood, well known for its meditative and relaxing properties, to a massage lotion or a bath product for a sensual, truly romantic encounter.

Think romance: think roses. This Oskia Rose de Mai Skin Smoothing Massage Candle is the definition of relaxation. First light the candle and breathe in the beautiful rose fragrance, then once the wax has melted, gently pour it over skin and massage in. This is the perfect solution for that weary winter skin that we are all destined to have in these cold and dreary months.

Guys are you stuck on what to get for your girl this year?

Why not try this Molton Brown Rhubarb and Rose Pamper Gift Set to make her feel as if she has spa-pampered skin on a daily basis. The rose oil and rhubarb blend creates a comforting musk of zesty and soft heaven, making the shower gel, body lotion and hand cream floral gift set a perfect combination of modern everyday luxury.

Did you know? The rose itself has been coveted for centuries by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Ladies in history have also used rose to woo their lovers including Cleopatra of Egypt and Josephine Bonaparte of France.

We have chosen our favourite essential oils, which we recommend you add to those sensual pamper and massage products, to really enhance those Valentines flutters.

After a stressful week in the office, clary sage oil is the answer with the lovely sweet hay note it gives off to create a relaxing effect on the nerves to help you unwind.

Clove bud oil could give you that needed boost this Valentines Day. Cloves themselves are a powerful stimulant so when used as an oil they transform into a high performance aphrodisiac. It naturally heats up the body stimulating and increasing sex drive and sexual energy. What’s more, combine it with cinnamon, and the effects are even stronger!

And finally, love wild and free this Valentines Day with Patchouli oil, which is most associated with incense in the hippie era of the 1960s. Patchouli essential oil is a base note oil with a rich, earthy aroma; use patchouli oil to re-capture the ’60s decade of free love.