Mum's the word

Mum's the word

(Posted on 04/03/16)

It’s almost Mothers Day and to celebrate this event we feel it appropriate to offer up some great beauty tips to share with you mums, whatever age you may be.

Mums are busy and usually have a million things to do with their days but that doesn’t mean they don’t want look fabulous doing them!

Check out these beauty hacks to help you champion the ‘yummy mummy’ status.

Take a bit of personal time to have a late night bath; the kids are in bed, your partner is watching TV so now it’s time for some much needed ‘me’ time. Bath oils are the perfect way to relax. Molton Brown Cedrus Bathing Infusion is a beautiful blend of deeply fragrant moroccan cedrus oil, lavender oil, evening primrose oil and sweet orange oil.  These oils are perfect for creating that relaxation heaven you require in the evening.  Why not take a look at some product alternatives, which include one or two of these blissful relaxation oils.

Top tip: Don’t want to wake the kids up with the hair dryer? Why not braid your hair wet and sleep on it. The morning will greet you with wonderful wavy hair and hopefully no styling required.

Mums are always on the move; a small on-the-go make up bag stashed in your car or handbag can be a lifesaver. Fill it with a little bottle of your favourite perfume and some lip gloss to freshen up and help you feel great in last minute change of plans. Save money and time with multi-tasking make up products; take a look at Sugar Scape’s multi-tasking must haves.

Hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed and perfect all of the time. Why not put it up in one of these Top 15 Casual Updos for that day when you’ve snoozed too many times or the kids will just not eat their breakfast. Alternatively, we love ‘the lob’ this year, check out The best celebrity bobs and lobs of 2016 – be brave and go for it! Dry shampoo is also a saviour and should be any woman’s best friend – add a mini can of this to your emergency stash for those times of day your hair needs a bit of a volume boost.

Don’t punish your skin! When you just can’t muster up enough energy to take your make up off, simply use a moisturising face wipe. Many make-up wipes can really cleanse skin and remove impurities; it’s a job that will take seconds and completely worth it.

Most women love lipstick but may not have the time or a mirror handy to keep applying it. Take a look at these great long-lasting lipsticks that will give you that perfect pout all day long. Pair this up with a great mascara and you could even leave the rest – attention will be drawn to these two emphasised main features and no one will even notice.

These beauty tips should help you feel fabulous in no time but shhh mum’s the word!