Me Time: the 2017 luxury trend that’s here to stay

Me Time: the 2017 luxury trend that’s here to stay

(Posted on 20/02/17)

Expendable time is the ultimate luxury. And increasingly, something that modern life steals from us.

It’s not surprising then, that ‘instant effect’, ‘fast drying’, ‘fast acting’ and ‘quick fix’ are buzzwords we’ve been hearing mooted in the beauty arena of late. The likes of in-shower tan, dry shampoo and multifunctional creams are all timesaving solutions that allow busy consumers to achieve their desired result, without having to spend hours doing so. 

The Patting Splash Mask from Blithe is a perfect example. Described as ‘changing the face of face masks’, the splash mask replaces a traditional 20-minute mask to a 30 second daily task. 

But what does this mean to the luxury v functionality balance? Reducing the time we spend on our regime is all well and good but can we still consider a face mask a luxury if we only spend 30 seconds enjoying it? Today, it’s all about finding the balance between the all important ‘me time’ products and the practical ‘let’s get this job done’ solution. The trick is sticking to a basic routine and indulging ourselves in beauty regimes when spare time can be appropriately allocated.

Here, we look at cosmetics that should be savoured. As the saying goes ‘time that you enjoy wasting is never wasted time’ and it’s an ethos that should certainly be applied when it comes to luxury skincare. 

Personalise with layering 

Skincare is becoming ever more personalised and customised for individual needs. Certain products work for some skin types and not for others. For skincare, this is where layering comes in. Double cleanse rituals and the Korean multi-step beauty regime have taken the world of cosmetics by storm and dictate that consumers must make some time for dedicated rituals.

The layering of products, synonymous with the Korean beauty regimes, has prompted a move to watery textures. Modern regimes no longer follow the ‘cleanse, tone & moisturise’ mantra of previous decades.

Recreate the spa experience

Luxury face masks are growing in popularity and are the perfect excuse to take some ‘me time’. Rubber masks are a new addition to the luxury face mask scene, originating from cosmetic powerhouse, Korea. The mask is a new trend that allows consumers to bring the luxury of a spa into their own home.

The Silver Premium Modeling Mask from Shangpree combines silk amino acids, silver gel and active collagen powder to leave skin looking more hydrated, brighter and healthier. Simply apply, sit (chill out) and peel off – it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

In addition, the Younger Revealing Mask Intense from Lancer Skincare uses an anti-ageing formula, including a revolutionary retinoid together with an innovative magnetic removal tool, to deliver micro-current stimulation to achieve younger-looking, glowing skin. 

Go bespoke with DIY 

Bespoke packages are the order of the day in 2017. For example, consumers can take their feet away from the daily grind and away to a ‘tropical paradise’ in minutes with the Tropic Pedi Pamper Pack ‘A Walk on the Beach’. This three-step polish and repair collection is the answer to aching, tired feet. The process, including a 10-minute peppermint foot soak, volcanic ash polish pebble and a luxurious repairing foot remedy, is not one to be rushed and leaves the user with refreshed, baby-soft feet.

Consumers are also starting to take more of a DIY approach to beauty. Vlogging has had a part to play in enthusiasts replicating the latest cosmetic trends in the comfort of their own home during their free time; charcoal face masks being a good example. The simple solution can be created by simply mixing charcoal powder with PVA glue to create a homemade face mask without leaving the house. The possibilities of DIY skincare and beauty regimes are endless. Don’t believe us? Check out clown contouring as proof! 

The ability to create extra time is great; it means we get up that little bit later or spend more time with loved ones and the ‘me-time’ trend is one that we’re sure is here to stay. Particularly as it allows the consumer to enjoy cosmetics again and experiment, forgetting the fast-paced world outside.

To find out more about bespoke beauty and how our masstige and prestige product concepts can support your timesaving or luxury routines, please read more here.