Let it glow! Let it glow! Let it glow!

Let it glow! Let it glow! Let it glow!

(Posted on 20/12/16)

Dried out, tired skin is often a given in winter. It can be hard to protect skin and hair against the elements in wintertime. However, there are ways to keep your skin and hair glowing on the outside; difficult as it may seem at this time of year. Our diverse range of innovative cosmetic solutions is designed to help steer you away from those winter blues and keep skin radiant and moisturised.

Here’s a run-down of how our ingredients can give you a radiant glow this winter and allow you to eat, sleep, party…and repeat!   

2016 Spring fashion and beauty shows saw the return of metallic, luxurious gold fabrics and bronze glows in makeup. Cornelius Principal partner, BASF, believes metallics are here to stay in to 2017 with warm bronze, platinum and champagne shades at the forefront. 

BASF has a range of special-effect pigments that are on trend, skin friendly and can keep skin looking radiant to eye-catching effect. Its Care Creations range offers a large palette of gold interference and absorption effect pigments. Furthermore, the Reflecks range from BASF is made up of absorption, borosilicate-based effect pigments that feature metallic and russet tones with the ability to produce unique colour and glitter effects and dimensionality. The range is ideal to add a high pigment load, shine and really illuminate luxurious eye, lip and face formulations to create a distinctive look. 

Basically, BASF has the perfect party eye look covered! Need help applying your metallic look? Here’s a shimmer-eye tutorial that might help.

Partying (and lots of it) is something that can take its toll on skin at this time of year, if we’re not careful. Don’t worry, we have the perfect natural solutions to aid stressed party skin and keep you looking in tip top condition ready for the next outing.    

Bamboo is a big trend this year and definitely making its mark in the personal care and beauty arena. Not only is it a sustainable, raw material, bamboo sap mimics the moisturising factors that can naturally be found in skin, whilst aiding cell generation and deeply nourishing the skin. Cornelius offers a variety of formulation concepts that incorporate this super-sustainable plant, including bamboo water, extract and Charcoal Scrub. 

Tsubaki is another ingredient that is great in all types of personal care products. In hair care, Tsubaki softens hair, makes it more manageable and forms a barrier against environmental pollutants leaving hair with a natural sheen. 

As a fast-absorbing moisturiser for skin, the oil diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and has a silky, creamy texture that is non-comedogenic.  And last but not least, due to its nourishing and softening qualities, Tsubaki oil is also great for restoring bounce and elasticity in body care products.

The Cornelius Care team recently used this versatile oil in the Prestige Intensely Smoothing Body Treatment concept formulation showcased at SCS Formulate this year.

Rather than let the dark and drizzly winter months get you down, add some sparkle to your skincare routine and keep your skin and hair glowing with these easy to use ideas. Or, why not get in touch today to find out how Cornelius can help to bring your exciting personal care ideas to market in 2017.

Wishing you a warm and glowing Christmas!