How to supercharge your fitness regime

How to supercharge your fitness regime

(Posted on 20/04/16)

Sports nutrition is increasingly moving mainstream, beyond body builders and serious athletes, men and women alike are now consuming sports nutrition products to help them to tone up and lose a bit of weight, according to Euromonitor.

The sports nutrition category in the UK is forecasted to grow at around 8% annually to reach £527 million in 2019. This positive growth is also expected to expand to a global level with a projected growth rate of 9% annually to reach a whopping $37.7 billion in 2019, according to Persistence Market Research.

This rise is a result of increased health awareness, a rising number of fitness centres, expansion in consumer base, wider accessibility of products and a surge in popularity of national and international sporting events.

Consumers are constantly striving to exceed their own abilities and achieve their ideal body shape and improve fitness levels.  However, busy lives can make this goal harder to reach and seem less attainable.

When energy levels are dwindling towards the end of the day it can be hard to find the motivation to participate in gym classes or put your trainers on and get out for a run – especially when the sofa and television look so inviting. 

If only there was an easy way to boost energy levels to help you step it up a gear in daily life, when you can’t find the energy to do it… MitoActive can do just that!

Based on ultra-concentrated Danish ‘superberries’, MitoActive is filled with polyphenols along with added magnesium to create a sustained effect.

Asiros, the makers of Mitoactive, have identified a new polyphenol Ribetril A within red and blackcurrants sourced in Denmark. Ribetril A has shown mitochondrial boosting power. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of all cells and provide the energy they need to function. An increase in these tiny little helpers means there is more energy available for us to exercise and wake up with the motivation needed to start an active day.

MitoActive helps consumers get that much needed energy boost from just one shot per day and can be taken on it’s own or mixed in water or smoothies providing a new and easy way of getting that extra energy injected into your day. The best part is its completely natural!

Energy and strength is the key to good sporting performance. For those striving for more strength and getting better at their sport, MitoActive can also provide the extra drive to prevent you from ‘hitting the wall’ when training.

High protein meals and snacks are nowadays frequently thought of as a good way to suppress hunger, boost energy levels and weight management, particularly when combined with green vegetables and fruit, being seen as more healthy and natural in comparison to meal replacement slimming.

A great source of protein is Bipro, the purest whey protein isolate on the market at 97% on a dry basis and manufactured by Davisco, leading experts in diary products and proteins. Adding Bipro to smoothies and foods is an easy way to increase protein levels to help kick start a summer body and to help build lean muscle mass.

What’s more, Bipro is virtually fat free and has no carbohydrate along with containing high levels of Leucine, which is the amino acid know to be most effectively to aid protein synthesis. Bipro is also suited to consumers who have struggled with lactose in whey proteins in the past, due to it only containing very tiny levels of lactose, enabling use without stomach discomfort.  

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