Health and Nutrition Fortification : Key to Millennial Lifestyle

Health and Nutrition Fortification : Key to Millennial Lifestyle

(Posted on 16/08/16)

Millennials, the generation made up of those born between the years 1980 and 2000, is one of the largest to date, so no wonder it’s making such an impact.

Busy lifestyles, the need for convenience and product personalisation are key traits of this generation and very much determine the type of products they desire. This need also applies to health and nutrition.

Despite being the largest workforce to date, with so many more women professionals working full time nowadays, many Millennials want to find ways to remain healthy and in shape.

The healthy lifestyle and dietary choices that this generation make is likely to affect them in their later years and hopefully eliminate some of the problems experienced by the older generations of today.

Food and beverage manufacturers are actively keeping ahead of current health and nutrition trends by busily incorporating natural, organic and free-from attributes to products where possible, in order to continue attracting the attention of this consumer segment.

‘Active’ is one way to describe Millennial generation. Four out of five Millennials say that they exercise regularly, or would like to in the future, according to leading global information & measurement company, Nielsen. What’s more, the mindset of the Millennial is somewhat different to that of other generations. Millennials prefer to attend classes or exercise in groups, as well as work towards targets or achieving personal goals in sport.

This therefore makes sports nutrition a great opportunity. Sports nutrition is designed to provide consumers with that extra push during physical exercise or aid in recovery. It is important however that the sports nutrition provided is highly convenient and will easily fit around the lifestyles of these busy consumers.

Cornelius distributes the ultimate convenience product, MitoActive, a natural red berry liquid shot by Danish Bio-tech Company Asiros. The drink is made from ultra-concentrate Danish ‘superberries’ and contains new polyphenol Ribetril A, a combination sure to provide a much needed energy boost in just one shot.

Cornelius is working with Asiros a Danish Bio -tech company who have developed MitoActive. MitoActive is made from ultra-concentrate Danish ‘superberries ’ (Red and Blackcurrants) and contains a new discovered polyphenol Ribetril A identified by Asiros. 

MitoActive boosts Mitochondia for increased energy and physical performance, taken in a convenient shot daily, MitoActive takes effect over a few weeks and provides that extra energy needed to improve performance and recovery. MitoActive also contains magnesium to contribute to normal muscle function and protein synthesis. Negative connotations around energy drinks have lead consumers to more natural energy sources, such as MitoActive.

The category can expect a vast amount of innovation in coming years with energy providing ingredients being included in foods such as cereal bars, sweets and dairy drinks.

Hectic and long days are typical of the generation, mainly due to the increased importance of their careers. It is no secret therefore that Millennials often become stressed. Stress can have negative effects on the body and mind, such as high blood pressure, sleep problems and reoccurring minor illnesses.

Relaxation is therefore key to the health and wellbeing of the generation; herbs and teas are gaining popularity, as well as the rising interest in the trending ‘relaxation drinks’.

Convenience is key to this generation and is one of the reasons for the growing uptake in supplement consumption. Supplements provide easy and quick access to a vitamin or mineral that the body may be in need of.

Resveratrol by Evolva, distributed by Cornelius, is a natural plant ingredient associated with a range of beneficial effects and is ideal for use in capsules and soft-gels for dietary supplements.

Millennial consumers are prepared to pay a premium price for products that they see fitting their health and nutrition needs.  The opportunities within the market therefore seem endless as this generation reaches the peak of its spending power.

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