Food Matters Live Principal Sneak Preview: Ganeden

Food Matters Live Principal Sneak Preview: Ganeden

(Posted on 24/10/16)

Probiotics are among the most exciting and popular ingredients in the functional foods market. In fact, the probiotic ingredients market was valued at $33.19 billion in 2015 and is projected to reach $46.55 billion by 2020, growing at a whopping CAGR of 7.0%.

At the forefront of this growth is Ganeden, a leader in probiotic research and product development, within the food, beverage, animal health, and personal care ingredients markets.

Ganeden will be showcasing its self-stable, heat-resistant probiotic, GanedenBC30 at Food Matters Live in November in The Cornelius Pavilion on stand 80B. The probiotic can be used in nearly any food or beverage application without being limited to refrigerated dairy products or supplements, making it much more versatile than traditional probiotics.

Globally recognized, GanedenBC30 is found in more than 500 SKUs in over 35 countries, in applications from hot teas and fresh juice to baked snacks and sports nutrition products,and everything in between.

Benefits of GanedenBC30 have been shown in more than 24 peer-reviewed and published studies to support immune health, digestive health and even enhance protein utilization—good news for sports fanatics! 

The probiotic ingredient boasts a range of certifications, including  United States FDA GRAS, allergen-free, organic compliant and now Non-GMO Project verified, leading the way in ingredient verification and transparency. 

GanedenBC30 also offers the ultimate in convenience for suppliers. It remains stable in most manufacturing processes—even when added to baked, frozen or processed products. It does not require refrigeration to maintain its shelf life, which is up to three years, and is extremely easy to formulate with. 

If you’re visiting Food Matters Live this year, consider attending the Ganeden presentation by international business and regulatory manager, Stephen Quinn. With extensive knowledge of probiotics as a food and beverage ingredient, Stephen can help you understand how to make your product stand out in the competitive natural or functional foods space by using Ganeden’s unique probiotic ingredients.

Presentation spots are limited, so please book your attendance in advance.