Festival Beauty Trends for 2018

Festival Beauty Trends for 2018

(Posted on 16/07/18)

With Coachella a distant memory for the lucky attendees, it’s fair to say that the 2018 summer festival season has well and truly begun. 

Each year, festivals offer the chance to try out daring hair and beauty styles that you certainly wouldn’t wear to work or to pop down to the local shop in. The looks are often bright, bold and sometimes downright eccentric, offering a chance to let your inner makeup artist run free. 

Here’s a look at some of the trends you’re most likely to see at festivals across the country in 2018.

Ultra-Bright Eye Makeup

Put away your black eyeliner and ditch your everyday cat eye, bright colours are the only eye makeup to consider this festival season. Previously taboo colours are now firmly back on trend, with A-Listers boldly sweeping everything from bright reds, hot pinks and sunset orange across their lids. 

Brands are racing to tap into this trend and create ever more exciting shades to catch the eyes of consumers in this crowded marketplace. Even traditional non-makeup brands such as Crayola are getting involved, with the brand’s range of ‘face crayons’ in rainbow brights becoming an instant sell-out.  

Though it may be tempting to be tentative when playing with such bright shades, festivals are the perfect opportunity to play with more than one colour, whether it’s different tones of the same shade blended to create a dramatic smoky eye or two different crayon-brights above and below the lids.  

More is More Glitter

Nothing says embracing your inner festival-going pixie like lashings of glitter, and this year glitters and metallics are going to be everywhere – hair, makeup, body, you name it, it will be glittery. 

Glitter sprays for hair and sparkly makeup shades may not be new, but this festival season any hint of the restraint we’ve seen in the past is out of the window. Consumers are searching for bolder shades with different sized and shaped glitter pieces to create real impact but are also becoming more and more environmentally conscious, meaning the demand for biodegradable glitter is higher than ever before. 

Traditional glitters contain aluminium and PET microplastic content, materials which have been found to cause damage to ecosystems, in particular to marine life. To tackle this issue, Cornelius' principal Ronald Britton has created its groundbreaking Bio-glitter® range. Available in 15 vivid colours and six different hexagonal sizes, Bio-glitter® offers the same highly reflective properties as its plastic counterpart but is based on a biodegradable film. 

Dewy Nudes 

Even with the freedom that comes with festivals, such vibrant looks won’t be for everyone. There will be a significant consumer base who still want to look their best, even if they are in a field, but don’t feel comfortable to go quite so bold. Brands, therefore, have the opportunity to capture the attention of these consumers with the products needed to create the perfect nude, dewy look. 

There has long been a shortage in the personal care sector of flattering nude shades to cater to a variety of skin tones, with many of those with darker or fairer skin having to settle for a foundation, powder or BB cream that just wasn’t quite right. Cornelius principal BASF’s Color & Effects range can be used in all facial makeup formulations to support a diverse nude colour palette to suit all skin tones. The range includes the company’s revolutionary Gemtone® Radiant Nude pigment, to provide radiance for glowing skin, without creating an ashy complexion.

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