Experience Cornelius Skincare Solutions at SCS Formulate

Experience Cornelius Skincare Solutions at SCS Formulate

(Posted on 19/10/16)

Cornelius will be showcasing its on-trend skin care ingredients capabilities at this year’s SCS Formulate show in November. 

Held at The Ricoh Arena, Coventry and in partnership with a number of its leading principals, the Cornelius portfolio will reflect rising trends in the industry; for example, anti-pollution and UV protection. 

Bespoke skincare with BASF

Global industry leader and Cornelius principal, BASF, will be demonstrating a wide range of ingredients for use in contemporary skincare formulations including emulsifiers, emollients, rheology agents, fatty alcohols and UV filters. 

BASF will present Eumulgin® VL 75, which is designed for cold processed liquid emulsions and is 100% derived from natural and renewable feedstocks. The non-ionic emulsifier is used in the Cornelius Skin Craft Prestige cream, available to try at the show.

The customisable cream, inspired by the gastronomia trend from Mintel’s ‘TRENDS 2025: BEAUTY & PERSONAL CARE’, can be tailored to meet the individual skin requirements of the consumer with the addition of different active concentrates.

Cosmedia® DC, a clear viscous and odourless liquid, creates a film forming effect on the skin. The innovative liquid improves wear time and water resistance by adding the smallest amount to formulations. See the magic with your own eyes at SCS Formulate where Cornelius will be displaying its intense Matte Lip Colours, incorporating the product. Cosmedia DC creates a water resistant flexible film on the lips that keeps colour in place for longer.   

Polymeric emulsifier, Tinovis® GTC UP, boasts additional emulsifying properties and excellent electrolyte tolerance leaving skin feeling soft and silky. These properties have allowed for the creation of Cornelius’ Eye Rejuvenating Pillow Serum. The super smooth eye cream possesses a thin, ultra-bouncy texture in the pot, which then transforms into a silky smooth serum-like consistency that glides on to the skin. 

Kind to skin, kind to nature with Silab

Cosmetics manufacturing giant, Silab, offers a wide range of natural skincare actives for all applications including advanced moisturising, anti-ageing, anti-pollution, pore refining, firming, slimming, soothing and tensor properties. 

This year, Silab will be focusing on its range of natural actives that are supplied by Cornelius and tackle the skin’s true enemy - pollution. 

FilmExel® is a multi-action active which fights pollution and provides tensor properties. Thanks to its dense meshwork, the innovative active agent forms a resistant, flexible and non-occlusive film that acts as a second skin layer to protect against harmful exogenous agents, allergens and irritants.

FilmExel’s tensory properties provide smoothing and anti-wrinkle effects. And what’s more, with continued usage complexion radiance is restored. When incorporated into foundation, the agent creates a genuine lifting sensation, along with the added benefit of making foundation last longer. With its second skin and anti-ageing benefits, FilmExel is recommended for all face, body care and make-up products from a variety of formulas including gel, emulsified gel, tissue masks, serum, liquid and powder foundations.

Silab is at the forefront of addressing the rising importance of the mitochondrial DNA trend with Mitokinyl®, a natural active which protects fragile skins against urban stresses. The anti-pollution active is rich in glucomannans and regulates the synthesis of mitokines and the deactivation of AhR. These major biological pathways have been identified as having a positive effect in the fight against pollution and allow the skin to recover an effective functional barrier.

Finally, Silab’s active ingredient Celldetox®, rich in Candida saitoana α-glucans, uses cell autophagy to reinforce the cell detoxification process and improve cell and tissue longevity. This process boosts the radiance of tired skin and smoothes lines and wrinkles.

The three Silab materials can also be combined to create the ultimate anti-pollution complex, which in turn can be added to a base cream. This will be demonstrated at the show where the complex will be added as a "shot" to the Cornelius Skin Craft Prestige cream.

What’s more, Pauline Maes from Silab will be on the Cornelius stand at the show. So, don’t miss the opportunity to chat with her about these extraordinary ingredients. 

Super-hydrating skincare with Bloomage Freda

Bloomage Freda, a Cornelius principal, is a supplier of Sodium Hyaluronate for use in all skincare applications. Sodium Hyaluronate is an excellent moisturiser that is naturally found in healthy skin. Hyacolor overcomes the issue of incorporating Sodium Hyaluronate into oil-based formulations and means it can be easily stirred into the Cornelius creamy, matt-effect lip colour base. The Cornelius Prestige Intense Matt Lip Colour delivers eight hours of moisturisation, leaving lips feeling supple, nourished and protected. 

Cornelius will also be presenting its Nourishing Body Treatment, which boosts the skin's hydration and prevents areas of dryness thanks to the inclusion of Bloomage Freda’s Sodium Hyaluronate LMW (HA-TLM).

On-the-go skincare with Jeen

Visitors to the show can find out more about Jeen’s Jeesperse ‘one stop’ raw material range for creating lotions, creams and butters. Several grades of Jeesperse are available and require the simple addition of water to produce a finished cream. The ingredients are based on sodium polyacrylate, with each grade specifically designed with additional butters, waxes and oils to provide different attributes and textures. Further customisation is possible - Jeesperse is widely compatible with a large variety of raw materials.

Join Cornelius at stand 421 at the show to discover more about the innovative skin care formulations developed by the company and its partners.