Cryosnooze: a revolution in spa treatments

Cryosnooze: a revolution in spa treatments

(Posted on 01/04/16)

Do you want amazing skin? Do you need a quick fix weightloss solution? Fed up of feeling constantly sleep deprived?

Well… Look no further! 

The exclusive Soñar SPA London is offering a groundbreaking SPA treatment.

The CryosnoozeTM SPA treatment allows customers to book in for up to 7 days of cryosleep. During this time the cryosleep chamber is tilted to 36.8 Degree angle scientifically proven to avoid any aging effects of gravity on the skin.

Throughout this restful sleep the customer receives a deep cleansing facial & prescribed treatments for eyes, jowls & body. Customers also find this a perfect time to get totally pain free hair removal.

Cryo Therapist Ivana Tinkle has noticed that this treatment has been very popular with new mums. ''Sleep deprivation is terrible for your health and this shows on the skin. They wake refreshed with healthy glowing skin and our Seaweed & Stinging Nettle Body Wrap shrinks inches from the waistline. It is so popular that it feels like our best customers have moved in with us.''

Contact Sonar SPA to receive exclusive offers, but be quick offers ending soon!