Cornelius goes au naturel at SCS

Cornelius goes au naturel at SCS

(Posted on 01/11/16)

Cornelius will be going back to basics, in collaboration with its principals, to demonstrate its range of natural ingredients at SCS Formulate next month.

This pared-back approach is inspired by the ‘natural in origin’ cosmetic trend that is in high demand with today’s consumers. It’s a trend that turns the microscope on sustainable development and ethical practices; something that Cornelius is a true advocate of. The company and its principals will reveal exciting new concepts incorporating all-natural ingredients for visitors to sample at the cosmetics show.

So, which principals can visitors expect to see on stand? We explore what will be on offer during the event.

Ethically natural with OLVEA

Cornelius distributes a large array of high quality biodegradable oils, butters and shea esters in partnership with ethical producer, OLVEA. The company has a responsible approach to sustainable development by respecting the traditional harvesting methods of native produce. This is a key factor in the superior quality level of OLVEA ingredients.

OLVEA’s shea olein is an excellent alternative to shea butter in many cosmetic products and, in some instances, is easier to apply than shea butter. The ingredient is concentrated in unsaponifiable compounds, and remains liquid at room temperature, giving it a number of favourable cosmetic properties. Shea olein protects against oxidation, encourages epidermal regeneration and skin elasticity.

The multi-benefit ingredient is key to the Cornelius Masstige Restorative Moisturiser, which makes skin and hair soft and supple. The formulation aids the natural reparative process boosting the healing ability of stressed skin to generate a super soft skin texture. The clever cream formulation also utilises pigment technology to provide a luminous glow.

As well as shea olein, additives can be applied to the Masstige Restorative Moisturiser to boost its effect for different skin types. One example of a naturally derived additive comes from the ‘wonder plant’ macadamia. OLVEA macadamia oil is made up of approximately 80% mono-unsaturated fatty acids. It easily penetrates skin, whilst leaving behind a protective film, making it an ideal solution for delicate skin. Rich in oelic acid, the ingredient has emollient properties that make the skin soft, supple and more radiant. The oil will be incorporated into the Cornelius Masstige Restorative Moisturiser live on stand at SCS to allow visitors to put its nourishing effect to the test.

Another spectacular oil that can be used as a pure oil, or additive to a base cream, is that derived from the apricot kernel. Having similar properties to that of macadamia oil, apricot kernel oil also contains linoleic acid (omega 6). Omega 6 is essential in aiding the structure of cell membranes. Apricot kernel oil reduces trans-epidermal water loss by restoring the skin’s hydrolipidic film. It acts as an excellent skin moisturiser, which helps to prevent skin ageing by boosting the skin’s regenerative capabilities. Cornelius recommends this oil be added to massage and skincare products to deliver a radiance boost to all skin types. At SCS, Cornelius will be demonstrating the benefits of apricot kernel oil when combined with its new Prestige Skin Craft Moisturiser.

Go nuts for Botanica

Cornelius principal and producer of tailor-made organic plant extracts, Botanica, will showcasing its range on the Cornelius stand.

Botanica creates plant extracts that are ideal for use in natural and organic cosmetic formulations. The company has recently developed some interesting coconut water distillates. The water is obtained using a gentle distillation method and will boost formulae with natural hydration. Coconut water is known to provide a cool, refreshing feel to the skin and has recently been incorporated into many skin and hair care markets to meet consumer demand. 

At the leading cosmetics show, live demonstrations will show Botanica’s coconut distillate being added to Cornelius’ Masstige Moisturiser as a natural hydration booster.

Eco-friendly skin solutions with JRS

Global leading supplier of natural fibres, JRS offers a wide range of functional, biodegradable and edible additives from renewable resources. Its impressive product portfolio includes cellulose beads and scrubs, coloured beads, cellulose-effect powders, 3D stabilisers and thickeners.

At SCS, Cornelius will be incorporating the innovative cellulose-effect powder Vivapur CS 9 FM supplied by partner JRS into two key concepts; Masstige Moisturiser and Prestige Beauty Balm. Made from renewable resources, the fine and insoluble micro powder is biodegradable – perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. The stabiliser also improves the texture of skincare products, creating a super-soft velvet skin sensation that’s free from stickiness.

Also on trend is new launch of VIVAPUR® CS 400 Bamboo CHARCOAL, a powder that when added to formulation, creates a very convincing massage effect. The spherical structure is soft on skin leaves skin feeling silky smooth. CS 400 Charcoal by JRS will also provide an unmistakable visual effect, try it - you’re sure to love it!

Naturally stable with Strahl & Pitsch Inc

Cornelius principal Strahl & Pitsch Inc, a premier manufacturer for cosmetic and industrial waxes, will be involved in two of the innovative Masstige and Prestige Cornelius concepts at SCS.

Strahl & Pitsch’s Genuine Rice Bran Wax will be used in both Cornelius’ Masstige and Prestige Matt Lip Colours at the show next month. The yellow-coloured, natural wax is obtained through the cold press de-waxing of rice oil and has the benefit of holding a high melting point. The superior binder of oils makes the hard wax useful for stabilising oils in both anhydrous and emulsion systems. Possessing excellent thickening properties, Strahl & Pitsch’s Genuine Rice Bran Wax creates a silky, non-tacky feel.  

Hopefully our blog has piqued your interest in natural skincare. But if you’re still not swayed, why not experience skin care at its natural best at SCS Formulate with Cornelius. Visit us on stand 421 – we look forward to seeing you!