Cornelius explores Masstige vs Prestige

Cornelius explores Masstige vs Prestige

(Posted on 14/11/16)

* This blog was updated 03/05/2018

The rise of modern retail formats has opened up a market for high-quality beauty and personal care products that were previously unattainable. Luxury is becoming accessible for the everyday consumer.

There is an increasing number of non-luxury brands selling luxury products or “masstige” (mass prestige) products with some feeling of luxury.

In response to market trends, the Cornelius Care team has developed Masstige vs Prestige concepts. The Masstige range explores ‘affordable luxury’ based solutions, whilst the Prestige range is designed to cater for occasions when only the most high-end formulations will suffice.

The ranges are inspired by ‘affordability vs. luxury’; a key trend in the cosmetics and care industries. However, as well as being a hot topic, it’s also an area that can be subject to consumer misconception. Many consumers do not buy into costly premium cosmetic products, over mass-market cheaper alternatives, believing that the same ingredients are present in both, no matter what the cost.

However, here’s where the confusion lies. There is actually a number of differences between high-end and low-end ingredients and the effect that they have on the skin. Here we explore the differences between the more expensive and affordable variations to help its customers formulate effectively. 

The Cornelius Care Team has 12 formulation concepts: 

The Cornelius Prestige range consists of: 

  • Skin Craft 'My Prescription' Moisturiser & Concentrates
  • Intensely Smoothing Body Treatment
  • Ultra-Brightening Vitamin Essence
  • All-in-One Beauty Balm
  • HydraPlump Velvet Lip Paint
  • Eye Rejuvenating Pillow Serum

The Cornelius Masstige range contains:

  • Restorative Moisturiser
  • Deep Moisturisation Body Treatment
  • Daily Glow Vitamin Essence
  • Hydrating Beauty Balm
  • Velvet Lip Paint
  • Eye Rejuvenating Pillow Serum 

To discover more about these truly original Cornelius concepts, contact our expert team.