Cornelius explore the intriguing world of natural and organic at LNLY Expo

Cornelius explore the intriguing world of natural and organic at LNLY Expo

(Posted on 19/07/16)

Cornelius attended Love Natural Love You Expo at London Olympia this month. The natural and organic show attracts more than 30,000 visitors interested in enriching their natural and organic living through beauty, food, drink, fitness, health and home. 

The show predominately showcased up and coming innovations within the growing natural and organic food and sports supplements sectors focusing on gluten free, sugar free and dairy free offerings, with major retailers and brands occupying stands, (see images 1, 2 and 3). McVities presented its launch of gluten-free biscuits, whilst Nestle displayed its gluten-free breakfast cereals and Gallo revealed its new gluten-free pasta. The popularity of the gluten free trend was very apparent, with more and more companies getting involved.

The supplements sector was also there in force. Many organic whey protein companies presented their offerings for visitors to try, some of which tasted better than others! We also witnessed a few new superfood products such as coconut milk yoghurt and ice cream and cactus water which sparked a bit of interest (see images 4,5 and 6).


However, it doesn’t stop there. The free from statement is now also applied to Cosmetics. NATorigin were exhibiting with claims that products were free from chemicals including marine cellular extracts of red seaweed, which are high in silicium and combined with anti-free redical arctic raspberry seed oil, along with moisturising oils and waxes. Not to mention offering a range of colour cosmetics including nail enamels. The range is Vegan and free from animal ingredients and cruelty free. Interestingly it was first created by an optician wanting to create natural mascara and eye colour cosmetics. 

Several skincare companies were displaying their natural and organic products such as The Green People (image 8), Neal's Yard Remedies, Tropic Skincare and Natural By Nature, not to mention, many smaller companies. It seems that the opportunities are endless for Organic and COSMOS approved materials, which Cornelius caters extensively for within its portfolio.

Some new companies we were intrigued by were Pure Potions Skincare, Sheila's Natural Products, Beatitude Products (image 9), Pinwheel handmade lip balms, and Roots and Rituals who specialise in hair oil treatments and masks.

We came across some interesting and innovative new ideas in cosmetics. The first to catch our eye was a tooth oil by Refresh My Balance.  This was said to be a healthy alternative to toothpaste, containing silica acid and birch sugar to help fortify and deep cleanse around tooth enamel and peppermint for a fresh taste, while extracts help whiten the teeth and kill bacteria.

Secondly, Aurora (image 10), a light therapy facial mask which claims anti-aging, anti-acne properties along with evening skin tone, reducing redness, soothing and being a cell rejuvenation and skin booster. The mask generates different colours which have different effects, click here to find out more.  

Lastly, we noticed there were also numerous peel off nail polish companies and novel nail art kits mainly aimed at children.  We look forward to seeing where the nail cosmetic segment will head to next.

In all, a good show with many interesting new ideas and products within the increasingly intriguing world of natural and organic. Definitely worth a visit!