Chocolatey Goodness

Chocolatey Goodness

(Posted on 24/03/16)

Indulgence is allowed every so often, in proportion of course, so what better time to indulge on a bit of delicious chocolate than the holiday of chocolate, Easter. However this bank holiday weekend maybe you don’t have to feel as guilty as you think.

You may never have expected to hear chocolate and health benefits in the same sentence but did you that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can provide a number of benefits to health. I’m saying that chocolate is slimming and sugar-free but it does provide us with some unexpected goodness. 

According to Medical News Today, chocolate contains flavonoids and flavanols, and with these, the darker the chocolate the better, as the quantity of cocoa increases so does the concentration of flavonoid and flavanols. 

It has recently been discovered that cocoa contains biologically active phenolic compounds which can be linked to to anti-aging, oxidative stress and blood pressure regulation as well as holding huge antioxidant potential. Other potential benefits of eating chocolate may include: prevention of cognitive decline, lowered cholesterol levels and reduced risk of cardiovascular problems.

So go on, treat yourself this Easter with some of your favourite chocolate – it’s not as bad for you as you first thought!