Beauty that brings you back down to earth

Beauty that brings you back down to earth

(Posted on 02/09/16)

* This blog was updated 03/05/2018

A new trend is taking beauty back to nature, bringing ‘natural’ to a whole new level.

The craze means you don’t have to look any further than mother-nature herself. The inclusion of charcoal, clay, volcanic ash and sea salt in beauty products is something we never thought we’d say, but it is taking the industry by storm.

Charcoal, the ancient black residue containing carbon, has become a popular ingredient within the beauty industry, thanks to its apparent ability to absorb toxins and pollutants, whilst cleansing skin.

Despite its original exterior linking to anything but cleanliness, charcoal has been seen to give excellent purifying results when incorporated into products. 

TheKonjacSpongeCo has added a bamboo charcoal puff sponge to their range. The sponge is packed with mineral rich activated carbon, which together with its pure Konjac vegetable fibre, is to deep clean skin pores to eliminate dirt whilst absorbing excess oils and toxins by simply adding water. The sponge lifts make-up and grime, creating a soft blemish-free complexion and effectively tackles in-growing beard hairs making it perfect for both genders. 

Boscia’s Black Charcoal Cleansing Cloths despite initially being a bit daunting due to their jet-black colour are infused with a pore treatment blend that deeply cleanses the skin. Other ingredients include black tea and glycolic acid, which help to absorb excess oil and impurities to improve skin texture.

Carbon6lab paste may not look like something you want to put on your teeth to achieve pearly whites but the formulation of all natural, elemental ingredients will remove stains, freshen breath and eliminate impurities. Delivering results which really should give you something to smile about! 

Clinique has incorporated the trend with the popular anti-pollution trend for its City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel that energises skin as well as controlling excess oil and mopping up pollutants.

SILAB has a range of natural actives, supplied by Cornelius, which tackle the skin’s true enemy; pollution. MITOKINYL® , is an anti-pollution natural active, rich in glucomannans, which thanks to mediators released by mitochondria under the effects of pollution, protect skin from harmful environmental stress. Not only this, SILAB offers various other solutions to combat pollution in different ways.

Yet, charcoal’s new found fame doesn’t stop there.  It is also getting adopted as an up and coming food trend. Black food is generally steered clear of but not anymore. Charcoal has been seen in various forms such as coconut ash, getting incorporated into the world of ice cream, bread, inky dressings and even cocktails due to the detoxing qualities it is thought to hold, benefiting the body inside and out.  

Cor-lite is a Cornelius range of FDA approved volcanic based silicates, available in both scrub and powder forms. The multifunctional range is ideal for colour cosmetics, skin and hair care, toothpaste and toiletries. Thanks to its natural attributes, Cor-lite provides gentle exfoliation properties for skin, as well as acting as a micro-polisher and stain remover in toothpaste.

Another natural ‘earthy’ trend we have seen picking up some pace is green tea. Strahl & Pitsch works with Cornelius to distribute its Tea Wax. The wax fraction derived from Green Tea leaves is an interesting ingredient for use in natural cosmetics and personal care products and includes phospholipids and polyphenols, giving it a strong green colour and natural antioxidant properties.

Cornelius also distribute for European leading supplier, Olvea Group, who works to supply natural products with exceptional properties that include their original oils, as well as argan oil and shea butter. 

From natural volcanic ash facial masks and clay cleansing powder to sea salt scrubs, this ‘earthy’ trend shows no sign of slowing.  

So it’s about time we all let beauty take us back down to earth.

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