Asian Beauty Inspirations

Asian Beauty Inspirations

(Posted on 16/08/16)

For some time now South Korea has been a source of great inspiration to the UK cosmetics industry. Bloggers love the innovative – and sometimes weird – concepts devised in this Asian market. Many of which UK brands have been quick to follow.

A major difference between the South Korean and Western beauty regimes is the length of beauty routines. A traditional western regime has been the 3-step cleanse, tone, moisturise and more recently the step of serum may be added before moisturisation. An Asian routine, on the other hand, is all about layering products and consist of 8-12 steps – make-up remover oil, cleansing foam, cosmetic water, serum/essence, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, priming base.

Asian women take skincare and make-up very seriously and aim for a flawless complexion. Hydration is critical to achieve the smooth, plump and bouncy skin texture which is so coveted. Water-based formulations are marketed as skin drinks and are to be applied generously. This trend for watery formulations is really starting to make its make in the UK market too.

Jelly with it’s fresh, cooling, melty texture is the perfect vehicle for delivering a good dose of moisture and, whats more, there is a huge selection of skincare products available in this texture. Produts such as water sleeping masks, energising treatments, glacial moisturisers and ampoules, can all be seen. Sometimes the products are blue or clear but are often brightly coloured to reinforce the jelly theme and to act as a visual cue to any added vitamins – so a jelly with added vitamin C could be bright orange.

Oil is used in the regime but is balanced with water to ensure that it is not too rich. Ettusais Duo Essence & Oil is a bi-phased essence-in-oil for face, body and hair. Belief Aqua Gel Oil is a refreshing gel which transforms into an oil, providing weightless and long-lasting hydration. Whilst, Too Cool For School Egg Mousse is an oil in foam body mousse which goes on as a soft light mousse and then transforms into a hydrating oil.

Mists are a much loved beauty staple in hot and humid climates where they provide instant refreshment. They usually have a high SPF and anti-pollution properties so skin protection can be topped up throughout the day. Anessa Perfect Essence UV Spray SPF 50 can be used on face, body and hair which is typical of these multi-tasking spays. Anti-pollution defence is often a key attribute and this is where the trend – which is currently huge in the UK – originated.

UV is a hugely important factor in this market. Women in South-East Asia generally wish to keep their skin as pale as possible – this is in part due to this skin type being prone to pigmentation patches when frequently exposed to UV light. Therefore, UV protection is included in many types of skincare formulation as a matter of course as well as some specific suncare products. One innovative facial SPF is A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion with SPF50 protection. Using the popular air-cushion concept – a sponge dosed with product – it delivers a high level of sun protection whilst rice bran water moisturises and leaves skin silky-soft.

This market remains an important one to watch for new trends. The other important lesson to learn from it is that skincare concepts can be fun and should always be a pleasure to use.

Taking inspiration from Asia, Cornelius have created their own waters skincare kit which comprises of: Bounce Cream, Jelly Moisturiser, Vitamin Essence, Pollution Mist, Cleansing Water and Splash Mask.

Contact your Cornelius rep for details and look out for further details on our website