Our Vision, Mission & Values

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Our Vision

The Team Cornelius Vision is to be an ambitious, forward thinking, independent European distributor & manufacturer of branded and own brand products for the Nutrition, Care Products and Performance Chemicals market sectors by 2025.

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Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by continuing to value our strong, caring relationships with our key stakeholders - our employees, customers, suppliers, industry bodies and communities.

We have an enviable past and will deliver a sustainable future by delivering expertise, innovation and excellence in everything we do.

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Our Values


We empower our employees to achieve their best at all times and we recognise success. We want to be an ambitious organisation that celebrates achievement.


We value all of our relationships. We are a caring and committed organisation. We value all of our key stakeholders - employees and their families, Principals, suppliers, customers, industry associations and communities.


We believe that being experts in all that we do makes the Cornelius difference. Be it technical, commercial or business functional expertise, our Principals and customers desire value added distribution solutions. We should apply our expertise to every activity in order to ensure we get it right, on time, every time.


We want to be the best in our segment in the market. Business excellence is key to competitiveness, long-term relationships and our customers valuing our solutions. We need to deliver excellence in everything we do.


We are a responsible organisation and we expect our employees to be accountable; to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities.

For all of our key stakeholders to be satisfied, both inside and outside the organisation, we all have to be responsible and do the right thing.

Forward Thinking

Cornelius will not stand still. Our Vision is to become a mid size independent regional distributor by 2025. We will innovate, differentiate and engage. We will stay ahead of market trends and deliver next generation solutions for our Principals and Customers.

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