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Cornelius Predicts Rise In Personal Care & Food Fusion

Cornelius Predicts Rise In Personal Care & Food Fusion(Posted on 24/09/18)

Cornelius, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of specialty ingredients for the personal care sector, predicts the market will be transformed by a new generation of formulations fusing food and personal care ingredients, as consumer belief in the power of natural produce continues to grow.Demand for innovative formulations has risen significantly in recent...

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Protein Popularity Continues To Soar

Protein Popularity Continues To Soar(Posted on 20/09/18)

Cornelius, an independent European distributor of high quality, innovative ingredients for the food and drink industry, believes increasing consumer interest will continue to drive new applications for protein in the general health & wellness area.Traditionally used by athletes and bodybuilders to support their careful dietary management, protein has fully established itself as a mainstream ingredient...

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Cornelius update on the Sparkle Malawi Glitter Initiative

Cornelius update on the Sparkle Malawi Glitter Initiative(Posted on 11/09/18)

Cornelius have now raised £2,869.73 for Sparkle Malawi, thanks to your help and support!Thanks once again to your continued support through the sales of Cosmetic Bio-glitter® we have been able to raise £2,869.73 towards Sparkle Malawi since we began this initiative back at the start of June. We are on course to meet our £5K by the end of 2018, where this money...

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Cornelius principals lead the way in sustainable and ethical sourcing

Cornelius principals lead the way in sustainable and ethical sourcing(Posted on 10/09/18)

Cornelius, a leading European distributor and manufacturer of specialty ingredients for the personal care products sector, is proud to represent principals with a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.A number of initiatives have been implemented by Cornelius principals to ensure ingredients are both ethically and sustainably sourced. OLVEA, distributed by Cornelius in the UK, is...

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Jen's Trends - August 2018

Jen's Trends - August 2018(Posted on 14/08/18)

Antioxidants are a current buzzword in skincare. Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams says an antioxidant is a daily must “If you want to keep your skin in its best condition and delay the ageing process on a cellular level”.Antioxidants help to protect the skin from daily aggressors such as pollution, UV rays and blue light. A number of antioxidant serums are available in the market place...

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Cornelius anticipates ‘GREEN’ coatings growth

Cornelius anticipates ‘GREEN’ coatings growth(Posted on 03/07/18)

Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of high performance chemicals for the industrial manufacturing sector, predicts the paints and coatings industry will be completely transformed by solutions that deliver a lower environmental impact.Driven by increasingly stringent regulations and consumer demand, paint and coating formulators are developing products with improved...

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