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Chocolatey Goodness

Chocolatey Goodness(Posted on 24/03/16)

Indulgence is allowed every so often, in proportion of course, so what better time to indulge on a bit of delicious chocolate than the holiday of chocolate, Easter. However this bank holiday weekend maybe you don’t have to feel as guilty as you think.You may never have expected to hear chocolate and health benefits in the same sentence but did you that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can...

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Superveg to the rescue

Superveg to the rescue (Posted on 22/03/16)

Vegetables should be included in your 5-a-day and for good reason, but which ones? Take a look at the vegetables that made the ‘superveg’ classification and how they achieved their super food status. Brussel sproutsTypically consumed as a Christmas dinner accompaniment in the U.K, brussel sprouts may not one of the nations favourite vegetables but provide special nutrient support...

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In need of some immunity?

In need of some immunity?(Posted on 10/03/16)

It’s March, we’re constantly tired, fed up with the British weather that can’t make up its mind and seemingly battling an everlasting cold - it’s a feeling we’re all too familiar with. Cornelius has come to the rescue to help you shake off that worn out, run down feeling and boost your battered immune system.I’m walking on sunshine and it makes me feel goodThe...

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How to snack your way healthy

How to snack your way healthy(Posted on 04/03/16)

The beginning of 2016 has seen a range of new nutrition trends. Here at Cornelius, our Health and Nutrition Team have outlined the key drivers that we expect to shape the health food industry in the year to come. These trends are ‘snackification’, superfoods, natural or organic foods, free-from foods and the exciting return of vanilla. In our next five blogs we will discuss these trends...

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Lose weight the right way

Lose weight the right way(Posted on 19/02/16)

We’ve all put a few pounds over the Christmas period but now it’s time to get back at it…  Not so fast though - step away from the diet pills or torturing yourself with one carrot stick at lunch! We appreciate that nowadays more and more consumers are concerned about their health and want to understand how they can improve their lifestyles and wellbeing.  Here at...

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Let loving come naturally to you this Valentines Day

Let loving come naturally to you this Valentines Day(Posted on 12/02/16)

With the natural trend increasing by the minute, Cornelius health and nutrition team can help you celebrate this Valentine’s Day in a more natural but desire-filled way this year.Studies reveal that a significant proportion of women never achieve sexual fulfilment; combine this with the seemingly male preoccupation with sexual fulfilment and something is needed to help things along!  Natural...

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