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Glitter goodness, it’s all natural!

Glitter goodness, it’s all natural!(Posted on 13/06/16)

Want to add a bit of a sparkle to your food? Perhaps you’ve baked the perfect masterpiece and now all you need is that bit of an eye-catching glint.Cornelius supplier, Watson Inc., has recently introduced a line of Edible GlitterÔ to add shine to food products.In recent years, consumers have become increasingly concerned with how “natural”, “free-from” or &ldquo...

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Vanilla: Anything but boring

Vanilla: Anything but boring(Posted on 01/06/16)

As recently discussed in ‘Fresh thinking vanillas for the bakery market from Cornelius’, Vanilla has wrongly been classed as the ‘plain Jane’ of the ingredients industry and would not usually be associated with words such as ‘sexy’ and ‘exciting’.We would like to prove that vanilla can be exciting and interesting and has the ability revamp the industry...

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The sweetness of stevia : a step towards tackling obesity

The sweetness of stevia : a step towards tackling obesity(Posted on 16/05/16)

As highlighted recently by the government and media, excessive sugar intake can seriously affect consumer health. With strong links to obesity, tooth decay and diabetes, the food industry is beginning to look for sugar alternatives to align with changing regulations and consumer needs.According to Public Health England almost 25% of adults, 10% of 4-5-year-olds and 19% of 10-11 year olds in England...

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How to supercharge your fitness regime

How to supercharge your fitness regime(Posted on 20/04/16)

Sports nutrition is increasingly moving mainstream, beyond body builders and serious athletes, men and women alike are now consuming sports nutrition products to help them to tone up and lose a bit of weight, according to Euromonitor.The sports nutrition category in the UK is forecasted to grow at around 8% annually to reach £527 million in 2019. This positive growth is also expected to expand...

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Is flexitarianism leading the protein trend?

Is flexitarianism leading the protein trend?(Posted on 08/04/16)

There has been a lot of focus around the use of protein of late, and for good reason. Protein is a main food group and requires integration into our every day diet. As most consumers are aware, protein supports our health effectively because our body is in fact made up proteins. It is vital to build and repair tissues as well as enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. Not to mention, the food...

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Chocolatey Goodness

Chocolatey Goodness(Posted on 24/03/16)

Indulgence is allowed every so often, in proportion of course, so what better time to indulge on a bit of delicious chocolate than the holiday of chocolate, Easter. However this bank holiday weekend maybe you don’t have to feel as guilty as you think.You may never have expected to hear chocolate and health benefits in the same sentence but did you that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can...

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