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Cornelius showcases creativity with new centre investment

Cornelius showcases creativity with new centre investment(Posted on 07/09/16)

‘Forward thinking innovation’ and ‘trend setting’ are both phrases that could be used to describe Cornelius today; sentiments that are truly echoed in the company’s new Creative Centre.For more details on the centre’s Creative Suite and laboratory facilities see ‘Cornelius launches new Creative Centre’. The official launch of the Creative Centre...

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Health and Nutrition Fortification : Key to Millennial Lifestyle

Health and Nutrition Fortification : Key to Millennial Lifestyle (Posted on 16/08/16)

Millennials, the generation made up of those born between the years 1980 and 2000, is one of the largest to date, so no wonder it’s making such an impact.Busy lifestyles, the need for convenience and product personalisation are key traits of this generation and very much determine the type of products they desire. This need also applies to health and nutrition.Despite being the largest workforce...

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Rio Olympics 2016: A year for women

Rio Olympics 2016: A year for women(Posted on 16/08/16)

Rio 2016 is about to begin. Friday 5th August marks the start of the much-anticipated 2016 Olympic Games.One thing we’ve noticed about this year…it’s going to be the year for women.The amount of people who regularly play sport in England stood at 15.74 million in 2015, a rise of 1.65 million since 2005/06. And, contrary to popular belief, the number of women playing sport and...

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The future of bread: anything but ordinary

The future of bread: anything but ordinary(Posted on 28/07/16)

Bread, one of the world’s most loved staples, has over recent years come under scrutiny for its link to consumer health issues. Those wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle, or lose weight, have been known to actively limit intake of the traditional food type. However, the industry is fighting back against the negative image.The food that was once associated with the poorest in society, and...

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Tan beta and healthier this summer

Tan beta and healthier this summer (Posted on 22/07/16)

Walk away from the sunbeds and put away the bottle of cooking oil.We are what we eat and that goes for skin too. The more nutrients and goodness we put into our skin through food and drink, generally the healthier it should become.Beta-carotene is best known to boost skin’s natural defence against UV by improving its ability to tan. Antioxidant carotene can be found in foods such as carrots,...

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Clean Label Language Analysed

Clean Label Language Analysed(Posted on 24/06/16)

Consumers have traditionally opted for fresh ingredients where possible, in order to avoid processed food and food containing additives they don’t recognise. However, as consumers become more educated and interested in looking into the constituents of their food, they are beginning to recognise the ingredients themselves and the associated effects on their health and wellbeing.Lately, the rising...

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