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Making meat production more profitable

Making meat production more profitable (Posted on 21/06/17)

Rising populations, ethical eating, carbon conscious farming … there are multiple factors putting pressure on global meat production today.In the UK, meat is a particularly volatile market. We’re eating double the worldwide average, but we’re also experiencing a mega trend towards healthier eating. Consumers are seeking out leaner meat and experimenting with alternative diets such...

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Labelling: keeping it clean

Labelling: keeping it clean(Posted on 12/06/17)

Clean label is a term that should be simple and straightforward in its meaning, yet in today’s market it’s often anything but. Health minded consumers continue to search for the so-called clean label when it comes to food and drink products. But what does it actually stand for? And how do consumers view the term? Consumers are looking for goods which only use natural ingredients and...

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Cornelius: Supporting students' training in the food manufacturing industry

Cornelius: Supporting students' training in the food manufacturing industry(Posted on 18/05/17)

The British food manufacturing industry faces a vast skills gap. Despite being the UK’s largest manufacturing sector, a massive 109,000 positions (28% of the current workforce) need filling by just 2022, according to graduate career experts, Prospects.  Keen to address the deficit, the industry is busy coming up with solutions. These include careers campaigns such as 'Taste Success &ndash...

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Three tasty examples of edible glitter use

Three tasty examples of edible glitter use(Posted on 08/05/17)

Adding tiny coloured balls and strands of sugar to food, all began with the now well renowned, coloured ‘hundreds’ and ‘thousands’, which were first introduced in the 19th century. Traditionally, the decorative ingredient has been used for sprinkling on ice cream and sweet baked goods. However, in this post, we look at how the contemporary form of sprinkles, or edible...

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Key trends and takeaways from IFE 2017

Key trends and takeaways from IFE 2017 (Posted on 12/04/17)

Our Health and Nutrition team made their way to London last week to visit the international food and drink event, IFE, well renowned for global product innovation and predicting future food trends – what better place to catch up with the very latest in the industry.We saw a range of brands exhibiting at the show with visitors led on to a ‘trend trails’ organised by IFE, that showcased...

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Protein: the nutrient powerhouse

Protein: the nutrient powerhouse(Posted on 01/03/17)

Protein is the powerhouse nutrient, used for increasing satiety levels, muscle building promoting weight loss and as an energy source. It is rapidly gaining popularity in novel foodstuffs for today’s food and drink industry.Despite meat sales dropping slightly due to flexitarian and vegetarian trends picking up pace, product innovation around protein is far from slowing. Alternative proteins...

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