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Proteins: How Plant-based Eating Trends Are Driving Innovation

Proteins: How Plant-based Eating Trends Are Driving Innovation(Posted on 13/08/18)

Demand for alternative proteins – beyond traditional meat, fish and dairy sources – continues to expand as consumers turn to products they view as healthier and more sustainable. Food formulators are working to drive excitement through innovation with alternative protein sources.Why is protein good for our body? Protein is a key component of a balanced diet. Proteins, which are made...

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Health Rules in Summer Food & Drink Trends

Health Rules in Summer Food & Drink Trends(Posted on 25/07/18)

When we think of summer food and drinks, we often conjure up images of lavish ice-cream sundaes and rosé on rooftop bars. This year, a perhaps surprising key trend has emerged among both manufacturers and consumers - health. Though there’s undeniably still a place for more indulgent treats, many consumers are choosing to consume these less frequently and as a result, are turning...

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Ice Cream Flavour Trends For 2018

Ice Cream Flavour Trends For 2018   (Posted on 16/05/18)

Summer is well and truly on its way, so it’s time to prepare for the inevitable upsurge in ice cream orders. A freezer cabinet staple, the ice cream category is worth £342m in the UK convenience channel alone, with significant and steady growth of 5% year on year. Despite a general trend towards more price-conscious shopping, Ice cream is one of the markets where customers are willing...

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Healthy gut, healthy body

Healthy gut, healthy body(Posted on 28/03/18)

With science’s understanding of gut health expanding to consider its impact on the wider body, the food and beverage industry is uncovering new ways to serve the ‘worried well’ market. Probiotics are a significant emerging trend, with manufacturers increasingly including bacterial strains in everything from snack bars to smoothies for convenient health management from the gut...

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Cornelius Addresses The Everyday Sports Nutrition Trend

Cornelius Addresses The Everyday Sports Nutrition Trend(Posted on 09/11/17)

The lines between sports nutrition and healthy eating are becoming increasingly blurred with the rise of the ‘active consumer’ according to Cornelius Group, an independent European distributor of high quality, innovative raw materials and ingredients for the food and drink industry.As society becomes increasingly health conscious, with regular exercise and the purchase of innovative nutrition...

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Top 5 nutrients for boosting your brain

Top 5 nutrients for boosting your brain (Posted on 25/08/17)

Twenty-first century life is hectic. Between negotiating the nine-to-five, getting the kids to school on time and keeping up with the Kardashians, our brain needs a lot of support to keep pace and stay in top condition. At the same time, rates of dementia are rising around the world, with almost 44 million people suffering from the condition, leading to widespread concern about preserving our mental...

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