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Tsubaki oil: the new Argan oil

Tsubaki oil: the new Argan oil(Posted on 08/06/16)

Oils are fast becoming one of the main skin and hair care ingredients of today, thanks to their easy-absorbency, moisturising and anti-ageing qualities.This year, there is a new kid on the block ‘Tsubaki oil’ (Japanese Camellia oil) which is creating quite a buzz in the skin and hair care industries.It is no wonder that this Japanese beauty treatment is quickly climbing the industry ranks...

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Keep your eyes peeled for watery formulations soon to be leaking from the Cornelius Creative Centre

Keep your eyes peeled for watery formulations soon to be leaking from the Cornelius Creative Centre(Posted on 26/05/16)

Ever thought that water, nature’s own element, could be the essential building block for your natural product?Water is the main ingredient in many formulations and can be a fundamental element to determine the texture and quality of a product. Driven by the Asian trend of a caring power from pure-water enriched formula such as essences, patting waters and mists, skincare brands are now moving...

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The ‘Quantified Self’

The ‘Quantified Self’(Posted on 28/04/16)

Consumers are becoming fixated with being able to measure aspects of themselves and more carefully taking control of their health. This trend of measuring is all about creating your ‘quantified self’. With no end of wearables and new innovative technologies being unveiled, technology companies are constantly trying to come up with the perfect device, that offers more convenience,...

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Key take-aways from in-cosmetics 2016

Key take-aways from in-cosmetics 2016(Posted on 20/04/16)

The time came around again last week for one of our favourite annual shows, In-cosmetics, a leading global business event for personal care ingredients that took place in Paris from 12th – 14th April.We have once again been blown away by the show, which gets more impressive every time and this year, we noticed a few new additions, which we loved.A sensory bar, which allowed visitors to feel...

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Create your very own ‘Spathroom’

Create your very own ‘Spathroom’(Posted on 08/04/16)

With a million and one things going on at work and at home, who realistically has time to make frequent visits to a spa? But what if this blissful treat doesn’t have to be confined to a once-a-year trip?Make visits to the spa a regular occurrence by re-creating your very own ‘spathroom’, to use at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home.The Body Shop very much recognise...

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Cryosnooze: a revolution in spa treatments

Cryosnooze: a revolution in spa treatments(Posted on 01/04/16)

Do you want amazing skin? Do you need a quick fix weightloss solution? Fed up of feeling constantly sleep deprived?Well… Look no further! The exclusive Soñar SPA London is offering a groundbreaking SPA treatment.The CryosnoozeTM SPA treatment allows customers to book in for up to 7 days of cryosleep. During this time the cryosleep chamber is tilted to 36.8 Degree angle...

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