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Flash those lashes: Ingredients for luscious eyelash care from Cornelius

Flash those lashes: Ingredients for luscious eyelash care from Cornelius(Posted on 08/08/18)

The buzz around eyelashes is growing as consumers go beyond a few coats of mascara to enhance their appearance.It’s now about creating a personal care routine that incorporates products with ingredients that moisturise lashes, promote growth and fight damage. Combating lash damageWith the ongoing trend for false lashes and semi-permanent lash extensions, as well as other factors such as...

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Festival Beauty Trends for 2018

Festival Beauty Trends for 2018(Posted on 16/07/18)

With Coachella a distant memory for the lucky attendees, it’s fair to say that the 2018 summer festival season has well and truly begun. Each year, festivals offer the chance to try out daring hair and beauty styles that you certainly wouldn’t wear to work or to pop down to the local shop in. The looks are often bright, bold and sometimes downright eccentric, offering a chance to...

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Total Body Skincare to Protect Against Pollution

Total Body Skincare to Protect Against Pollution(Posted on 28/06/18)

Consumers are more serious than ever about their skincare routines. Long gone are the days of a standard twice daily cleanse, tone and moisturise routine - intricate multi-step rituals are more common than ever – and not just for the face. Total body skincare routines are becoming increasingly de rigueur, with consumers demanding versatile body-care products that contain the advanced ingredients...

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The changing face of male grooming

The changing face of male grooming(Posted on 13/06/18)

Once ruled by razors and colognes, the face of male grooming is changing. As men have become more focused on their appearance, the demand for male skin and hair care products has grown far beyond the basics. As more intricate, multi-step male care routines are developing, the focus has shifted from gender-specific products to a focus on developing tailored solutions to suit a wide range of skin...

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in-cosmetics Global 2018 key takeaways

in-cosmetics Global 2018 key takeaways(Posted on 25/05/18)

With over 9,000 visitors, in-Cosmetics 2018 has been dubbed the biggest and busiest exhibition to date.Bringing together global personal care ingredients suppliers and formulators, the show attracts visitors from all over the world, all looking to find new ingredients and innovations to drive their new product development ideation processes.But what were this year’s stand out trends and innovations...

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Peel, bubble and spray your way to a relaxing treat

Peel, bubble and spray your way to a relaxing treat (Posted on 09/03/18)

* This blog was updated 03/05/2018The Cornelius Care team is busy working on formulations for the very latest in face masks and to mark the occasion we’ve brought you a run-down of the market’s top 3 face mask trends.Glitter Charcoal Peeling MasksCharcoal face masks offer excellent anti-ageing properties. Activated charcoal delivers a pure and refreshing deep-clean, with its porous structure...

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