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Looking for a new source of Beeswax?

 Looking for a new source of Beeswax?(Posted on 20/03/17)

Cornelius Group have Beeswax in stock!Cornelius can help with a UK stock of Yellow, White and Organic Beeswax.Strahl & Pitsch specialises in importing, refining and custom blending the world's finest Beeswax, Carnauba, Candelilla and other waxes.For nearly a century, Strahl & Pitsch has been uniquely positioned to fulfilling virtually all of your requirements. Their expertise covers a wide...

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The Magnificent 7 Raw Materials for Formulating

The Magnificent 7 Raw Materials for Formulating(Posted on 20/03/17)

Over the past 20 years since its introduction, the Cornelius Innovations Laboratory has worked on a number of formulations that have been ahead of time.Although it takes innovative thinking to bring these ideas from concept to finished product, it is equally important to use the right raw materials in the first place, as without them, the formulations may never have been as successful!Below you will...

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Micro Proteins from BASF

Micro Proteins from BASF(Posted on 09/03/17)

Cornelius Group brings you two NEW micro proteins from BASF for us in shampoo, conditioners and styling products!Only micro proteins can penetrate through the cuticle into the cortex providing healthy, stronger and younger looking hair. Gluadin Kera-P LM - Hydrolyzed Vegetable ProteinA Vegan alternative to natural keratinA mild, natural product, 100% derived from natural, renewable feed stocksNon...

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Jennifer's Cosmetics Trend Report

Jennifer's Cosmetics Trend Report(Posted on 03/03/17)

Hello, and welcome to this month's edition of Trends!Eyebrow grooming has been big news for a number of years now - ever since Cara Delevingne inspired us all with her bold brows - and caused the UK's eyebrow grooming market to  grow into a ă¿€million sector. Mintel's latest research shows 71% of 45-54 year old UK women groom their brows and the figure jumps to 80% amongst professionals. A new...

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Natural ingredients continue to tempt consumers, says Cornelius

Natural ingredients continue to tempt consumers, says Cornelius(Posted on 01/03/17)

Cornelius Group, an independent European distributor of high quality and innovative ingredients for the personal care industry, claims the more ‘natural’ the ingredients used in a product, the more attractive it is to consumers.Natural ingredients are more popular than ever before as consumers’ negative perception of synthetic chemicals continues to grow within the personal care...

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Cornelius Group, an independent European distributor of high quality, innovative raw materials and ingredients for the food and beverage industry has been successful in gaining BRC accreditation.Whilst Cornelius complies and operates within all elements of food safety, this standard offers customers added security that products are fully compliant with current legislation.Clair Binks, Group Operations...

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